What to eat before cycling?

Posted on 18 May 20215 August 2021

The first two things you should know when considering what to eat before cycling are what you’re going to eat and what you’re going to drink. These two elements go hand in hand and, when used together, can be a major help in making your riding experience more enjoyable. If you’re on a weight loss program, you’ll naturally want to shed some pounds; after all, cycling requires a lot of energy to keep up with your exertion and running as … Continue reading “What to eat before cycling?”

What is para-cycling?

Posted on 9 March 20215 August 2021

Para-cycling is basically the game of cycle adapted especially for cyclists with different physical disabilities. It’s governed by the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI). The sport consists of around 7 different events including road cycle racing, indoor track cycling, mountain bike racing, cross-country mountain biking, time trial biking, Olympic track cycling, and water sport. Many of the games and competitions are open to the public. There are two distinct kinds of para-cycling: free and assisted. In the free category, there are … Continue reading “What is para-cycling?”

How to get into track cycling?

Posted on 10 January 20215 August 2021

A lot of people wonder how to get into track cycling. This can be an answer to getting started on a new adventure with the sport or just trying it out for the first time. There are many ways to learn how to cycle and you will likely find that some methods work better than others. If you are looking for tips to get you started, keep reading. The first thing to keep in mind when learning how to get … Continue reading “How to get into track cycling?”

How to improve cycling speed?

Posted on 20 November 20205 August 2021

If you are someone who is looking for information on how to improve cycling speed and endurance, you should really start by looking at what it is that you do. This means first of all finding a good cycle. A bicycle that you will be able to ride easily, both uphill or downhill, should be your starting point. A good exercise program is also important in order to improve your cycling time. You need to ride frequently in order to … Continue reading “How to improve cycling speed?”

How to start a cycling club?

Posted on 12 September 20205 August 2021

You may have already heard of how to start a cycling club and you’re wondering if it’s something you might want to do. There are many benefits in being part of a biking club and the benefits may be increased interest in the sport and an increase in participation from people who would not otherwise be interested. Many times when people think of starting a sports team or an outdoor team they automatically think of the boys and the beach … Continue reading “How to start a cycling club?”